The Reality of Internet Addiction

Since it’s development, the Internet has played a very important role in society. The Internet was one of the earliest forms of interactive media and still is a prevalent source of interactive media today. The Internet functions vary from research, to communication, and even shopping. The functionality of the Internet is being developed more and more each year, but now in a technology driven society, people are starting to become too dependent upon the Internet. While many people do not yet recognize the reality of this condition, Internet addiction exists, and many Americans suffer from the consequences every day.

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The September 29, 2015 article from the Huffington Post discloses that, “There is mounting evidence that the Internet, and the technology with which we access it, can be disruptive to all of us. But for some, attachment to our devices can lead to true, life-derailing technological dysfunction.” The fact that this addiction is not yet recognized is appalling since many people struggle with this daily and do not realize how dependent they are on the Internet until they can no longer use it. Programs, like “reSTART” mentioned in the article, are designed to help people recognize and combat their addiction. The article states, “The Internet has become a ubiquitous part of life for many Americans, which is part of the reason it can be hard to draw a clear distinction between normal (if frequent) use and pathological behavior. Treatment centers that specialize in disordered Internet use often work to help clients establish healthy boundaries between themselves and the online world.” The fact that many people today are struggling with Internet addiction is startling, but what is even more surprising is that people do not realize that this issue exists.

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Personally, I have seen and felt some of the impacts of being disconnected from the Internet. Often, when I my phone is not close by or it is dead, I feel lost because I can not access the Internet to search for answers to my questions or to connect with my friends.  I have often noticed that instead of having interpersonal conversations with the person one is with, individuals often spend time on their phones connected to the Internet and accessing social media websites. I can clearly understand what this article is trying to demonstrate because people are more attached to the Internet and the technology involved with it than they think they are.


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