Identity Project

1. I am a smart, compassionate, hardworking, and family oriented person. I am different from other people due to the passion I have for objects important to me. I am passionate about my family, the University of Maryland, and history. I am a student at the University of Maryland who is studying Anthropology. I am from Collegeville, Pennsylvania; a small suburb of Philadelphia. I am an only child but all of my older cousins are like siblings to me. The photo below is an image of my extended family because family is extremely important to me.


2. My main expectation for my years as a college student is to come out with degree in a field where I am passionate and can get a career. My college years have changed me by making me more confident in my abilities and my social skills. In this years I have received a quality education and experience that will help to guide me in the future. The image below is an image of my parents and myself. I chose this picture because I want to emphasize how I want to be passionate about my career because my father is not very passionate about his career while my mother is very passionate about her career.


3. In 10 years I aspire to be an archeologist that travels to various dig sites around the world. I feel like this would be an interesting way to use my degree and to bring the past to everyday people. I also like the idea of being able to hold history in my hands while getting the chance to explore the world. Below is the picture of a dig site which is where I want to wrk in the future.

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