Race On College Campuses

Recent events surrounding the University of Missouri have raised a question about the diversity of college campuses and why racism exists if there is supposedly a greater diversity. The racism present on the University of Missouri’s campus drew national media attention due to the fact that the football team refused to participate in any football related activities if the university’s president, Timothy Wolfe, did not resign from the university. The racial tensions at Missouri have raised protests in solidarity and support for Missouri. The issues at Missouri have again raised the question as to why  there is this racial tension on college campuses, and does diversity on college campuses have anything to do with it?

Photo Credit: http://a.abcnews.go.com/images/Politics/AP_Missouri_Protesters_MEM_151112_12x5_1600.jpg

In a recent article by CNN the question of race on college campuses was addressed. The article indicates that, “Most universities are seen as bastions of tolerance and progressive thought. But they’re also places where young men and women, many living away from home for the first time, are thrown together with other ethnic groups with whom they may be unfamiliar.” So while on the surface colleges appear to be places where discrimination should not occur, the exact opposite is happening. The article tries to demonstrate that racial discrimination on college campuses is not new and has existed for a while, possibly due to many changes attributed with living away from home for the first time. The article also states, “In fiscal year 2015 the U.S. Department of Education recorded 146 cases of racial harassment on college and university campuses, down from 177 the previous year but up from 96 in 2009.” The trend of racial harassment has been pretty steady over the last several years, and many solutions have been proposed. One solution put in place occurred at the University of Southern California (USC) where they recently agreed to devote more funding to creating an understanding of multiculturalism on campus. If more universities step up and start to raise more awareness about the presence of racism, then maybe the number of racial harassment cases will sharply decrease.




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